Presencing Life

Bringing the practice of living attentively to the forefront of your attention, coming home to your senses and remembering your own deepest nature, so you may walk through the world a little more connected, peaceful and awake.  

Presencing Life. A journey of living connection & deep nourishment.

We have become remote from our real life. 

This is your invitation to reset your way of being in the world through slowing down and giving your full attention to life, one moment, one experience at a time, something we seem least able to do in our always on modern lives.

You are welcome to join this intimate group for an embodied sensory experience. A seasonal True Sacred Beauty package will be delivered to your door, or gifted to you at a face to face gathering. 

Your package may include oils, teas, essences, candles and other elements of nature to set you on your path to presencing life, returning you to your senses fully alive and awake in a safe and friendly environment. 

What may be included in our one hour gathering together:

  • Guided Meditation
  • Exploration of your senses through taste, touch, smell, sight, hearing, body awareness & balance.
  • Nurturing connection with nature.
  • Space for stillness, silence and quiet reflection
  • An opportunity to share (if you feel called to)

This is not a self-improvement project, it’s not a fixing or trying to change session or a getting to somewhere workshop.

This is simply an invitation to turn your attention to experiencing life as it is moment to moment, right in front of you. 

I look forward to connecting and being in community with you.

With love, Nicki x

 Loved this gathering with Nicki as we explored slowing down and truly connecting with ourselves.  I have a tendency to rush through the connection so taking time to linger in this space allowed me to explore a little deeper. I feel blessed for having this wee stone in my life now as I will hold it and remember to be whole within myself and to embrace another as a whole being, not someone to be fixed but someone to share stories with.”  Suzanne -