My Story

The beginning. It was a simple yet enriching start to life as a child – having the freedom to wander for hours on the family farm in nature.

My early 20’s brought a spell in the big smoke, Auckland, before, preferring the quiet connection of nature over the hustle and noise of city life and soon after, moving back into a simpler life nestled below Mt Ruapehu following the call of the snow.

At 28 while practicing as a massage therapist, I became deeply affected by panic attacks and anxiety for several years.

I found comfort in the ancient Buddhist teachings, discovering meditation, mindfulness, self-compassion and acceptance, something this complex human continues to lean into as a lifelong practice.

These daily practices continue today more than twenty years on, offering nourishment and stability as a deep feeler and sensitive soul, in our unraveling and changing world.

Walking in nature these days every step holds a quiet energy of entering into a deeper connection with the web of life.

Looking back, this time in my 20’s was a catalyst for where I am today. Although at the time is was hugely uncomfortable, with fear at the forefront of many  waking hours.

At times it was exhausting and very isolating as no one really talked about panic attacks or anxiety back then. Thankfully the narrative has since changed and there is a greater understanding and acceptance of the mental health struggles people face.

Fast forward, home since 2002 has been Lake Hawea, nestled amongst the southern lakes and alpine mountains with my supportive husband, two beautiful children ages 15 and 12, and Sage dog my walking companion.

I have continued my love of learning, healing and connecting to the natural world, leading me to study naturopathy, massage therapy, reiki, botanical skincare formulating, meditation and plant spirit healing to name a few.

It has always been there, nature, a quiet whisper calling me back to a more intimate relationship with myself, spirit and the natural world. A deepening into presence.

For me presence is intentionally stopping and offering your full loving attention to the moment, free from the thinking mind. A shared experience as it is, fully embodied and aware.

Here for your child’s smile, the plants touching your skin, your breathe, your feet contacting the earth, the sun on your face or holding the hand of your beloved. Touching life more deeply and celebrating the miracle of this precious life.

It is time to wake up to the life that is right here.

And this thread weaves through the heart of True Sacred Beauty.

My wish for you is True Sacred Beauty supports you on your own healing path into bringing greater peace, connection and presence to your life, so you may walk through the world more authentically you, creating ripples out into your family, community and our world. Interconnected not separate from.

This moment. This is it. This is enough.

With Love
Nicki x

The past is already gone and the future is not yet there. Only in the present can we touch life and be deeply alive.” Thich Nhat Hanh 

Connecting to the plants

Through herbal teas and applying them to my skin provided soothing support to my overwhelmed nervous system.

Communing with the natural world on my daily walks offered me unconditional love and a sense of steadiness on the wobbly days.