What calls you here.

What calls you here?

Picking up your product serves as a touchstone to pause & give your full attention to this moment. Noticing what is happening here, now, with all of you senses.

Born of nature, made with my hands and from my heart

True Sacred Beauty guides you home to being here. To remember what it means to live each moment fully alive and awake, opening you to a more intimate connection with self, nature and spirit, as you move through your day.

Whether you need to slow down, come back to your breath, pause from the busy-ness of the mind, connect more deeply with nature or wish to explore a deeper pilgrimage from the head to the heart so you may walk through the world more authentically you, enriched by the wonder of life. You are welcome here.

In deepest gratitude to the wild grown plants and small regenerative New Zealand growers that bless me with the most vital and potent plants to partner with, in support of the highest health of all.

May you experience a sense of deep connection and nourishment when connecting with the plants in your every day, offering a quiet few words of thanks in return. Remembering we are nature, not separate from. 

Back in the 70’s a little girl by the name of Nicki found great peace being in nature. Born into a farming family and spending her childhood collecting fallen eggs from nests, tending to cold lambs by the fire, picking flowers and being in awe of the miracle of life watching chrysalis emerge into butterflies.

It was a simple yet enriching start to life, having the freedom to wander for hours in nature. 

Nature has always been my north star. Being in the daily presence of natures beauty and awe is a gift that has brought forth True Sacred Beauty. I am so glad you are here. 

“Awaken to the mystery of being here. And enter the quiet immensity of your own presence.”

- John O’Donohue