We are nature, not separate from.

My offerings are created with great care and love for the natural world, guided by a felt sense of what is needed in our changing world, with the deepest intention to nourish and restore the whole of you, our communities and Earth.

Start where you are, take one small step to cultivate practices of connection & awareness in your day.

Open to your plant allies, in deep gratitude for their gifts. Hold them in your hands, close to your heart,
inhale their sacred scents allowing the healing energy of the plants to deeply touch you. Bask in their unconditional love. Celebrate and honour them in your every day.

For this small moment of tending to yourself with your full attention, may you drink from the nectar of
becoming one with life.

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Natural and Organic Skincare, Cleansing Oil, Face Mist, Face Oil, New Zealand Made
Hydrating Face Mist, Rose Face Mist,New Zealand Made

The Daily Trio. Cleanse, Mist, Oil.

From $68.00


New Zealand made Open Heart Face Oil, Organic Skincare
Open Heart Face Oil, New Zealand Made Organic Skincare.

Open Heart Face Oil- honoring balance

From $28.00


New Zealand Made Rest In Stillness Face oil, Organic Skincare
Organic Face Oil New Zealand, Rest In Stillness, Buy organic  skincare online New Zealand

Rest in Stillness Face Oil- the wisdom years.

From $28.00


New Zealand made Awakening Facial Cleansing Oil, Organic Skincare
Cleansing oils New Zealand, Organic Awakening Facial Cleansing Oil

Awakening Cleansing Oil

From $28.00


Anointing Oils