A time for you to just be

We as humans are not designed to be always on or plugged in to our world. 

    Meditation can offer a still point in your day, to come back home to centre.

    This is a radical act of love, to just sit and be quiet. Stopping and sitting is a way to take a moment in your day as it is right now, however it is. 

    Learning to sit with ourselves, through embodied awareness, awake to life with all of our senses we begin to discover that the true source of peace and happiness lies within, not somewhere out there. A true home coming. 

    Hello, I’m Nicki,

    I offer guided meditations to soothe and care for the whole of you, alongside the anxiety and/or grief you may be feeling in response to our world.

    With a gentle focus on the following explorations: 

    • Grounding
    • Sitting 
    • Breathing 
    • Lying 
    • Nature connection
    • Loving kindness 
    • Insight

    You do not need to be a meditation expert. Start where you are and let me guide you.


    "Nicki has a beautiful, calming aura. Her voice is very soothing making it easy to let go and be guided through the meditation. I have been inspired to continue my meditation practice at home." ~Lisa, Lake Hawea


      A little more detail.

      I’ve personally experienced how a steadiness and sense of peace can be cultivated through contemplative meditation, mindfulness and a consistent connection with nature.

      I am a qualified meditation and mindfulness teacher and guide having graduated with an Advanced Certificate in Guiding and Teaching Meditation and Mindfulness through the Australian Centre for Meditation and Mindfulness 220+ hours alongside my mostly daily practice of the past 20 + years.

      Other modalities I have explored and continue to be a student in are sensory awareness, mindful and somatic self-compassion and deepening relations with the natural and plant spirit world.

      I consider myself a lifelong student with a love of learning, practice and being in community.

       “Your goal is not to battle the mind, but to witness the mind.” Swami Muktananda.

      May the practice of meditation bring you

      A moment of rest and stillness.
      A sense of quiet peace.
      An opening of the heart.
      A steadiness in your day.
      A more intimate connection with the web of life.