Sacred Self Care. Creating space for you.

Awaken your innate wise healer within through the power of nature connection, radical self-compassion, sensory mindfulness practices and soothing supportive touch, a gift from your very own hands. 

Are you ready to be truly well, vital, clear and open?

In our modern fast paced world we are often so busy doing, achieving, producing and serving others that we don’t create balance and much needed time and space for ourselves, a space that is truly ours and ours alone, where we give ourselves the love and attention that we so deeply need and deserve.

Sacred self-care is an inward gift, to our self. A moment where the energy is focused back on you. To enter into true sacred presence.

Sacred self-care is an act of cultivating radiant beauty and well being through your inner world of awareness, as you connect more deeply to your heart, mind, body and spirit. A space to remember yourself– your own true nature.

Explore Sacred Practices through:

-Sacred Nature Connection

-Sacred Sensory Ritual

-Sacred self-compassion and mindfulness.

Transform your daily routines into sacred acts of self-care.

There is no one way, these are intuitive and simple practices that continue to guide me, and I have personally found incredibly supportive as I remember and come home to my essential wholeness through the cycles and stages of life.

This is an invitation for you to enjoy the wisdom and magic of plants though all of your senses in a deeply loving, caring and compassionate way on a daily basis. To explore for yourself nourishing herbal oils penetrating deeply into your skin, the sacredness of scent and to experience the sweet glow of your radiant self from a daily ritual, of True wellness products.

My wish is that using True mindfulness rituals and products will help pique your curiosity to further discover and explore with the wisdom of plants, nature connection, sensory practices and mindful rituals, with an open and loving heart.

Begin your wellness journey with a nourishing skin care daily practice and allow nature to heal gently, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

And on the “to busy” days that you contemplate skipping your rituals, bring yourself back to the mantra of “I am worthy of my own deep love and care.”


Skin is alive, and lifeless synthetic chemicals cannot give life and vibrancy back to the skin. They lack the intelligence of the natural world, the building blocks in living organisms which preserve balance and internal stability.

To be “alive” skincare and topical remedies for the skin should be made purely of plants, or any of their parts, which carry the vibration and energy that constitutes all of life. We are no different from a flower or a tree and this resonance has the potential to heal us on every level of our being.

By plants we mean all forms, including trees, flowers, fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. As you will come to learn and experience, these living constituents contain all the purifying, nutritive and balancing properties necessary to provide external and internal support for your skin, mind, heart and soul. Nature and plants are the perfect foods for remembering our own true nature.