Connect with nature through an ancient and sensual way of celebrating with the sacredness of touch infused with mindful self-compassion practices for your heart, mind, body and spirit.


Practices to revitalize and restore you inside and out.

1. outer/outside world of radiant beauty and wholeness cleanse, nourish and moisturize to counteract the daily effects of the environment, stress, and the skins natural process of elimination.

When you Cleanse, hydrate, nourish and treat your skin lovingly with pure nature and supportive soothing self touch you will see and feel a noticeable improvement and radiance in your skin, because what you are anointing/applying to your skin is alive, nutritive, healing and soothing your whole self, all at once.

Simple Mindful Beauty Basics:

  1. Cleanse – Awaken facial cleansing oil or / wonder balm
  2. Hydrate – Courage Face Mist
  3. Nourish – Seasonal Serene Face Oils


  1. Treat: Wisdom Face Mask can be added to balm/cleansing oil every other day or as a weekly mask.

PS: Skin cell regeneration occurs naturally about every month and declines as we grow wiser. Wisdom mask is your companion to remove old/ dead skin cells to make way for new ones to thrive and grow.

To learn more about the plant magic and benefits that nature has to offer your skin, mind, body and spirit please refer to the True Ingredient Glossary.


2.  Internal /inside world of radiant beauty and wholeness

There is also the internal world of skin health and nourishing the heart, mind body and spirit, the root of where so many imbalances in our body systems may begin.

From an overwhelmed and depleted nervous system, to a compromised gut-brain-skin axis and its connection between the GI microbiome and lack of immune system support are just a few.

Practices such as soothing self-massage, loving kindness, mindfulness, meditation, drinking herbal teas, eating simple wholefoods, taking flower essences, walking daily in nature and other contemplative tools offer both nourishment and support to our inner world.

May a consistent daily practice of using True products on your skin bring comfort and grounding to your inner world and inspire you to further discover and explore these inner allies.   

You are worthy of your own deep love and care.