A message from Nicki

My mission is to present Sacred Self-care rituals in a context of how we really live our lives in the 21st century.

Where the idea of productivity and multi-tasking is a badge of honour in our culture.

How do we truly find the time, one of our most precious resources, let alone the capacity to be still and focus on just one thing (mindfulness) when all we have come to know is the on button and ways to stay distracted from ourselves and what we truly want in life. Mindless.

In a world where so many of us are juggling work, family and the added pressure of supporting aging or ill parents, how do we find the capacity to create daily practices that nourish our hearts, minds, bodies and spirits, instead of depleting ourselves by doing more, rather than being?

My dream, mission and vision is to light the way, the path to remembering what it means to truly live, alive and fully awake in each moment, with simple sacred daily offerings that guide you to pay attention to your own experience, as part of your ordinary every day. To not add to your “to do” list but instead to infuse the sacred into your everyday. True Sacred Presence. You belong here.