Emotional regulation. Breath meditation. What would the world look like if each and every one of us experienced a little more ease and flow in our daily lives. Instead of reacting to the world and the relationships we are in, we take a moment, a pause, a breath, to settle, in stillness and instead respond in a more caring compassionate loving way.  

Senses. sensory awareness. What would the world look like if each and every one of us took the time to notice our external surroundings and environment, alongside our inner landscape of experiences. The colour of our children's eyes, the light filtering through the curtain come dawn, the sounds...a warm cup of tea on our lips.

Tend and befriend. Nourishing self care rituals. What would the world look like if we offered moments in our day to tend and nourish ourselves in simple loving ways through devotional practices that gently calmed and restored our nervous systems out of the gripping, holding onto to life. Instead allowing us to move through our day with a greater sense of lightness and ease towards self and others. 

Callings. Values. Fear Body. What would the world look like if we lived our lives true to our deepest values and what matters most. Listening deeply to our inner wise knowing and souls purpose, without the confronting thoughts of what other people think, instead finding the courage to lead with our own deep wise heart. 

Surrender. Play. What would the world look like if we felt a deeper sense of connection to our own true nature, wholeness, inviting the flaws, the fears, the awe, the wonder, the mystery, the magic, the aliveness, trusting life a little more and loosening our grip....to realise our infinite human and soul potential.

This is my invitation to you, coming home