When was the last time you slowed down and took a moment just for you? 

How often do you wake up each day with the intention of moving through your to do list, treating it as an act of service to the world, numbed to the fact it’s unattainable and no where do you feature on the said list?

How often do you feel pushed to say yes, just one more time for fear of being judged and not meeting others expectations of you when all you really want is to take a rest?

Are you someone that is constantly in your head trying to keep up in making sense of the world? Who loves deeply processing things and feels consistently overwhelmed and depleted with the amount of information available to us today?

I hear you. Like you, I deal with these scenarios every day too, as someone who feels deeply, loves hanging around in her head that it hurts some days  and seeks meaning. All in the process of living a simple, more enriched beautiful mindful life. 

Do these tired old reruns sound familiar? 

I am not enough.

Who do I think I am? 

What will ‘’they’ think if I shine a light on who I truly am?

Who am I to deserve some peace and quiet in my day when I’ve got SO MUCH TO DO?

I don’t have TIME for self-care or self-love – it’s just a silly indulgence!

Well, fellow doubters, I am honoured to welcome you to a world where you ARE enough. You are important and beautiful, and you deserve TRUE Mindful Beauty.

Say a big YES to celebrating YOU. Creating a moment of peace and stillness in your day.

My gift to you is a line of small batch handcrafted organic skincare products that give you permission to nourish and reconnect with your True Self. Chosen for their purity and effectiveness, I hand-mix every ingredient and create from my heart for you.

I believe simplicity and aligning to the seasons of nature are vital to living well and have created a range I feel honours this by being seasonal, multi-purpose, blendable and truly effective. A true self love RITUAL that feeds you skin, mind, body and soul.

Dare to explore, create, dream and conquer the fears and challenges within.

I hope True Mindful Beauty becomes a gentle daily reminder on your own journey of self discovery, returning you to deeply loving yourself and coming home to the beautiful whole woman you already are.