True Sacred Self-care Ritual.

Practice into Presence.

A self-love offering from an open heart.  A simple act of giving and receiving.

  • To Begin. Holding the pot or bottle in both hands.
  • Feeling the weight of the pot/bottle, the texture and temperature of the glass.
  • Slowly closing down your eyes now, everything changes.
  • Pause here for a few gentle breathes.
  • An invitation to receive a sweet gift of loving presence to yourself.
  • A soothing balm infused with Mother Nature’s plant wisdom/medicine/ magic.
  • With your eyes now open. Removing the lid or dropper and placing it down.
  • Gently warm a pea sized amount of balm or a few drops of oil between your palms to activate the plant magic.
  • Slowly bringing your hands cupped towards your nose. Breathing in the scent for a few gentle breathes. Allowing nature to soothe your mind, emotions and uplift your spirit.
  • Begin slowly massaging your skin (face or body) in gentle loving upward circular strokes.
  • Taking time to notice your skin beneath your hands. The texture, temperature. Skin touching skin.
  • Honouring the miracle of these hands. The artistry.
  • Opening to be nourished and deeply restored in this moment.
  • Bringing both hands slowly onto your heart space.
  • Taking a few gentle breathes, to infuse this beautiful energy that has been co-created with your hands and Mother Gaia.
  • Rest here before moving into your day ahead. Or as you quieten down to complete you day.
  • May you feel deeply loved, nourished and accepting of yourself with every stroke of True to your skin.
  • Coming home to your true nature.

OR  Blessing/Offering/Invitation using your True products.

Holding your pot or bottle of True in both hands.

Gently shifting your gaze down towards the floor or simply closing your eyes.

An invitation to receive a sweet gift of sacred care to yourself.

Dropping down out of the head, the thinking mind to activate the plant spirits in your pot/bottle.

Opening to the potency of plant wisdom, with your hands, heart, with all of who you are in this moment.

A soothing balm for your whole self.

An offering of nourishment and relaxation from your own supportive soothing touch. Your hands.

Take a moment to gaze deeply into your eyes in the mirror, repeating the words “I love and accept you, as you are.” Whisper these words often to yourself throughout the day.

May you feel deeply loved, nourished and accepting of yourself with every stroke of True to your skin.

Receive the plants now for your own personal healing and for the collective healing of our world.

You are worthy of your own deep love and care. Make it your daily ritual.